by Abject

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Our second album, released in 2010.


released June 20, 2010

Sean - Vocals, Guitar
Vic - Vocals, Bass
Nik - Lead Guitar
Dan - Drums

Recorded & Mastered by Jeff Forest @ Doubletime



all rights reserved


Abject San Diego, California

Abject is a Punk/Ska band from San Diego, CA originally formed in August 2006.


Sean - Vox/Guitar
Vic - Vox/Bass
Nik - Lead Guitars
Dan - Drums

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Track Name: We're In this Alone
Your life has grown oh-so-dependent, on their laws and the things that you own. Fallen and broken with losses, if only you could have just known...

Our words are treason
Our lives, our reason
We're in this together - we're in this alone

A language that speaks contradiction, a culture of violence and spite.
Apathetic into your remission - there're so few of us left to do what is right
Track Name: Crosses Will Burn
For a slave, there is no complacence - it's segregation and bigoted hate.
Their Hate...
A white man's American standard, is the one they don't want to face
It's Race...
Hate is their creed

You tell them - you say it's ok, you say there's no way, as you look away
and their crosses burn
You stand to detest the fatherland's best, as their laid to rest
and their crosses burn

For the proud, and ignorant racist your sewn hatred has come home to reap
To reap...
Their hatred runs deep

You tell them - you say it's ok, you say there's no way, as you look away
and their crosses burn
You stand to detest the fatherland's best, as their laid to rest
and their crosses burn

Their hate is our foremost objection, and will be until they reject
Their hate

And soon they shall see...
Track Name: Re-draw The Lines
Thousands or people robbed of their rights, to be treated equal and live their own lives - belittled for difference in those who they love for ignorant morals most can't see above.

It's for their rights, it's for their lives. For people as equals, re-draw the lines.

Archaic proverbs to define your choice to ask as the fascist and silence their voice. For Jesus and family, to love all and self - a hypocrite's compassion to love no one else.

It's for their rights, it's for their lives. For people as equals, re-draw the lines.

Love's fundamental, regardless of who. We'll find it accepted, and we'll see it through - to reject their folly, to respect the gays - to give them their rights and make sure that they stay.
Track Name: Money, Land, and Terror
Deception of masses, deceptions of greed - robbing us blind by taking more than they need. Enforcing their laws, making rules to abide, we're labeled as traitors if we're not on their side.

Machines of mass murder produced by the state - acquisition in mind for a nation of hate. Producing their weapons in the name of defense - but we are the targets when it comes to dissent.

Money, land, and terror
to support endless greed
Money, land, and terror
taking more than they need
Money, land, and terror
to make sure you never see
Money, land, and terror
To make sure you're never free

Capitalist monsters to rule every land - money, land and terror is their final plan. Visions of conquest to drive us to death - but who will they feed off of when no one is left?

Money, land, and terror
give us someone to blame
Money, land, and terror
make it all stay the same
Money, land, and terror
like supply and demand
Money, land, and terror
for the rulers of this land
Track Name: Worth It?
For this life "worth living" - we suffer the days. We hold back our thoughts like we're slaves for their pay....
Exploiting labor, destroying the follow through just to prove what you're worth.
We bleed economics, we never ask why, and when it collapses we're all left to die.
And yet we still bow, for standards of living, but it won't be too long before wages stop giving.

Is to end every life really worth it, to prove you're the best of us all? We're all used as provisions, and you laugh as you watch us all fall.

We sweat and we bleed for our children to eat, another days risked being thrown on the street.
While some corporation, ruined by doubt, is sustained by taxes to fund their bail out.
The poor now all struggle to find just a job - it's not fucking wonder we're driven to rob!
And now we all see it - as soon draws the day - where mansions will burn, and we'll have our say.

The whole point was to use us like the slaves they brought before
for their economic profits, to keep most of us all poor. It's a system build on classes to keep us living on our knees until they day we stand up shouting Anarchy and Peace.
Track Name: Away We Go
1 or 2 AM, got a 40 in my hand, when a fucking boy-in-blue comes to me with a demand. "Pour it out where I can see it, put your hands behind your back" - I answered with a finger so he answered with a whack.

Another fucking cop, another fucking day
No need to justify, they're in it for their pay
I asked him what I did, but he's not paid to know
He throws me in the back and he says "away we go"

Well it's maybe 6 o'clock and I'm playing at a show when all the piggies show up and they tell us all to go. I asked him for an answer and he asked for my ID - I said "Shove it up your ass" he said "get down on your knees

Well if you're thinkin' to talk back then you better watch your ass - they don't need a real reason to stop by and harass. You break their precious laws, and they're knocking at your door with their rifles in their hands yelling "Get down on the floor"
Track Name: $1.49
Never see me with a bible, never see me on my knees, never see me beg forgiveness for their giving or reprise.
Never see me hang a cross, or another holy thing - I will revel in my sins and take exactly what they bring

The things that you believe just make me fucking sick, your biased backward views and your faith in politics. There's a million different things that I'd never fucking do - the first of them all is agree with you.

Never see me as your master, never see me as your lord - never see me wealthy or completely self-absorbed.
Never see me with much money, or within the upper class - I don't live my life for profit or the things that never last

Never see me pledge allegiance, never hear me call you sir, never see me bow for safety or the things you can't ensure.
We stand against the state and the greedy corporate heads who would gladly kill us all just to sell us when we're dead...